Friday, 24 April 2015

Gaining a Different Perspective of Your Club (DG News September 2014)

Another Membership Month has come and gone.
So I suppose we don’t have to worry about membership for another 11 months, right? I’m kidding of course. If Membership Month spurs a few Rotarians and clubs into action, well I guess it’s done its job, but in my opinion, every month should be Membership Month.
I can assure you that Membership Month has kept me very busy with club visits, and of course Illuminate. I want to thank those clubs which have already invited me to come and speak about membership. I have really enjoyed getting around the district and meeting our passionate members, and the hospitality that has been shown has really been appreciated.
Many of the clubs which have asked for some assistance or direction with membership initiatives have been those which I would describe as larger and stronger clubs. It’s encouraging that those stronger clubs are asking for help – it’s how they remain strong! But I’m keen to work with the smaller clubs who have membership concerns too.
Whilst I’m always happy to present on membership, I feel the total membership conversation is one that cannot be held entirely in a 20 minute guest speaker spot. In 20 minutes I can outline Rotary’s current global membership trends, what makes an attractive club, what makes members stay and go, and how you can make the most of your network to attract more members. But there’s so much more we can talk about. I am also happy to have an informal chat with your board about your club’s membership concerns, either prior to/after a regular meeting, or maybe on a weekend some time.
Let’s be clear on this, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have a magic wand to wave that will suddenly have hordes of prospective members beating a path to your door. But here’s what I can offer: a different perspective. So many of us are trapped in the cocoon that is our own club environment. We swim around and around in our own fish bowl. We are all passionate about supporting the work of our club, but can become somewhat blinkered as to what is happening in the wider Rotary world. There are some genuine rewards to having a role at district level. One of them is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, but the other is being able to see how different clubs have different ways to do things. Every encounter I have with another club leaves me with new ideas – ideas that may work really well in your club.
So let’s have the membership conversation. Give me a call on 0402 346 994 or email and start the ball rolling!

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